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BITnews | Feb 2018

Miriam Bunder

It was a bit of a whirlwind end to 2017 for me, with moving home and experiencing the fun of transforming a new space into my (and Dean's) own; and our kitty cats are loving the extra space for their chasing antics.

2018 is truly underway, amongst mapping out my new techniques training calendar for this first half of the year, I've managed to work in dates for the next round of Buteyko Breathing Re-education classes. Upcoming dates.

Upcoming Clinic Closed Dates:
February: Friday 16th - Saturday 17th.
March: Friday 2nd - Monday 5th.
Easter: 30th April - 2nd March.
April: Saturday 7th - Tuesday 10th.
         Wednesday 25th.
May: Tuesday 8th – Saturday 12th.

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