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Adjustable Contour Pillows Collection

Therapeutic Pillow Australia Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Range

These adjustable contoured traditional or memory foam pillows, allow you get to choose the softness and height that you prefer. A great sleep begins with a pillow that adjusts to your individual size, shape and sleeping position.

  • The orthopedically designed shape supports the natural curve of your neck, spine while cradling the weight of your head without compressing, flattening or bottoming out. Relieve shoulder, neck and back pain by eliminating painful pressure points that can lead to added stiffness and soreness.
  • The ergonomic form features a higher loft on one side with a lower on the other, giving you two comfort options.
  • Two easily removable/re-workable inserts allow you to change the shape and height to suit your sleep style and individual comfort by getting precisely the fit and feel you want. 
  • The orthopedic design of our adjustable cervical neck pillow promotes proper spinal alignment, which can offer relief for sufferers of snoring, sleeplessness and stress.
  • Foam channels, ‘noodles’, in core foam’s surface can be removed to create just the level of suppleness you desire.
  • 100% Australian made open cell visco elastic memory foam.