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Buteyko Meets Dr Mew by Patrick McKeown

Buteyko Meets Dr Mew by Patrick McKeown


Combining the work of Dr Buteyko and renowned London-based orthodontists Dr John and Dr Mike Mew, this book examines habitual mouth-breathing and how it can result in the abnormal growth of the face, jaws and teeth in children and teenagers.

The book explains why nasal breathing is vitally important to ensure that the structure of the face develops normally, and explores the effects of mouth-breathing on the growth of the jaws and teeth of children and teenagers.

Buteyko Meets Dr Mew is divided into three sections:

  • A comic strip with self-help Buteyko techniques for teenagers.
  • A section for parents with detailed medical references.
  • A children’s section in storybook format with specially-devised breathing exercises.

Written in a down-to-earth and entertaining style, the book contains theory, practical exercises, and full-color illustrations.

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