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Nasal Dilator


Nasal Dilator is a mechanical nasal valve dilator, purpose-built to reduce breathlessness during exercise. It gently opens your nose, increasing the flow of air to your lungs.

Use Nasal Dilator alone or with MYOTAPE to help retrain your breathing. Use it any time shortness of breath would normally affect your quality of life or performance.

Will opening my Nose really make a difference?

Take this easy 3-step test to find out:

  1. With your mouth closed, put your first and second fingers either side of your nose
  2. Press gently and move your fingers outward towards your cheeks to widen your nostrils
  3. Notice if your breathing feels easier

If you feel a freer flow of air in through your nose, an internal nasal dilator will make nasal breathing easier for you.

Is it for me?
Nasal opening devices come in all shapes and sizes, from highly specialist athletic nasal dilators to off-the-shelf anti-snoring aids. Nasal Dilator is for daytime use. It is designed to help you breathe through your nose during sports. But it can also help if you have a damaged nose and are working to switch from habitual mouth breathing to nose breathing. In 2016, scientists reported that internal nasal dilators “may be an alternative to surgical intervention in some patients” with nasal obstruction (Kiyohara et al., 2016).

If you:

  • Habitually breathe through an open mouth
  • Suffer with asthma or sleep-disordered breathing
  • Experience constant nasal congestion
  • Or are considering surgery for nasal obstruction

Why choose Nasal Dilator:

  • Better airflow – gentle stenting action opens each nostril to reduce nasal resistance and ease breathing
  • More effective than external nasal strips (Matteo et al., 2019)
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Soft outer surface means no nosebleeds or rubbed skin
  • Sits securely inside your nose during exercise
  • Longer lasting than some well-known brands
  • Patent pending
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Pack contains 4 dilators (2 x medium and 2 x large)

How can I unblock my nose naturally:
An internal nasal dilator will help keep your nose open. This supports nasal breathing, which naturally decongests the nose. But for best results, clear your nose using the nose unblocking exercise, before fitting your dilator.

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