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When exercise intensifies, it’s normal to open your mouth to breathe. Mouth breathing creates less resistance to airflow. It feels easier.

But did you know, mouth breathing reduces oxygen uptake, contributes to exercise-induced asthma, and prevents your brain from accessing the focus you need for deep flow states?

Nasal breathing during exercise provides:

  • 22% better breathing efficiency (Dallam, 2018)
  • Maximal oxygen uptake
  • Stronger breathing muscles
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Less airway irritation/exercise-induced asthma
  • Protection against colds and flu
  • A significant competitive advantage

With MYOTAPE Sport, you can experience the benefits of nose breathing throughout your workout — without taking your mind off your game. Used during exercise, the tape encourages you to breathe nasally, so your body can produce performance-enhancing adaptations that boost speed, endurance and strength — long-term.

  • Sticks to the skin, even when you sweat
  • Features hypoallergenic glue that’s gentle on your skin
  • Does not cover the mouth, meaning you can communicate and hydrate with ease
  • Is specially designed to complement the Oxygen Advantage® exercises
  • Is the product disposable one time usage?
  • 90 strips in each packet



  • MYOTAPE Sport can be worn throughout training.
  • For small nostrils or deviated septum, use MYOTAPE Sport with Nasal Dilator.
  • MYOTAPE Sport is designed to stick to the skin. Unfortunately, the tape does not adhere when used over facial hair. The benefits are such that we believe it’s worth going clean shaven for 6 months, after which time your body will adapt to nasal breathing. Or you could try traditional paper tape instead.


For recreational athletes:

Oxygen Advantage® founder Patrick McKeown teaches recreational athletes to breathe entirely through the nose. If air hunger becomes too strong for you, just slow down until your breathing becomes calm.


For competitive athletes:

Competitive athletes should alternate nose and mouth breathing. Use mouth breathing during high-intensity training to maintain muscle condition. When you’re not pushing it to the max, breathe through your nose. Research shows that healthy adults can maintain nose breathing to 85% of VO 2 max.

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